What is Neem?

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What is Neem?

Neem is a tree. The leaves, fruit, and seeds of the Neem tree contain healing properties that are well known in the drier regions of India, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa, where the tree grows. For over 4000 years, women in India have relied on Neem for flawless skin. It is highly treasured and used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine for many skin issues and daily skin care.

Neem oil is extracted from the Neem seed. It is the part of the Neem tree that is mostly discussed in online articles or research reports. Cold pressed Neem oil is a dark brown oil, somewhat viscous, that hardens at or below room temperature. It has a strong herbal, if not garlicky smell that makes it hard to use for skincare without help of other complimentary oils that will mask its natural fragrance. It contains over 100 healing properties that are excellent for skin care, in specific problem skin like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or acne.It is super potent and should not be used in its raw form.  Please note, JustNeem Neem oil products are intended for topical use only.

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What is Neem Cure Oil? Why is it better than raw Neem Oil?

Most Neem oils that are sold online or in stores are raw Neem oil products. Raw Neem oil solidifies at room temperature, it needs to be mixed and thinned with other oils, and it has a strong herbal, natural fragrance.

Neem Cure Oil, in contrast, is a blend of Neem oil, Jojoba oil and Essential oils. It is a blend that is ready-to-use on your skin. Why so?

  • JustNeem blends the right amount of raw Neem oil with Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a natural wax that is the most similar to our skin. It improves absorption and gets the healing properties of Neem oil right where they belong- into your skin!
  • Neem Cure Oil smells pleasant! We add a unique blend of essential oils to complement the raw Neem oil smell.  Customers who use our Neem Cure Oil for the first time are pleasantly surprised about its refreshing scent in comparison to other Neem oil products.
  • It will not solidify. With the help of Jojoba oil, Neem Cure Oil no longer needs to be heated in microwave or water bath before use.

More about Neem:

The exceptional properties of Neem and Neem oil can be summarized as anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, and they facilitate wound healing. Neem trees produce a cocktail of molecules in their leaves and seeds that have potent properties. Scientific studies have shown Neem to have the following healing properties:

  • iconAntiviral – inhibits the growth of viruses
  • Anti-fungal – inhibits the growth of fungi
  • Antibacterial – destroying the growth of bacteria
  • Analgesic – providing pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory – reduce certain signs of inflammation, swelling or tenderness
  • Antimicrobial -destroying the growth of microorganisms

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JustNeem Products

Neem’s gentleness and effectiveness make it perfect for daily skin careWe at JustNeem utilize these properties in our top-selling Neem products to protect skin and, if needed, to support healing of skin infections.

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We have found Neem to be very effective for acne, psoriasis and eczema treatments.  The antibacterial qualities in Neem kill bacteria on the skin naturally. Our Neem soaps and lotions have shown to do just that, and work wonders as gentle all-body cleansers and moisturizers. Green Tea and Coconut Soap in specific help reduce the signs of acne.

Neem can also be applied in support of topical fungal or viral conditions such as nail fungus, athlete’s foot, warts or cold sores. The plant-derived anti-histamines in Neem are effective in treating itching skin, for example from bee stings, mosquito and spider bites, poison ivy, and others. Neem Cure, our plant-based healing oil, can be used for all the above mentioned skin conditions. Read more about the ways Neem is used in skin care.

Neem oil is also an excellent moisturizer, high in Vitamin E, rich in emollients and fatty acids, soothing dry skin, cracked cuticles or otherwise stressed and damaged skin. Unlike petroleum based moisturizers, Neem oil actually restores the skin’s natural elasticity. Neem is safe for use on children and some pets.

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