Dear Jacquie, It was SO nice to have an opportunity to stop by your table at Whole Foods last weekend. I can’t thank you enough for all the information you’ve given me about Neem! (I am excited to hear about the possible anti-cancer properties of Neem leaves for tea … please tell me more!) I have been literally astounded at how beneficial Neem is, which is why I write. Please consider this a testimonial — edit it as you see fit (especially since I go into detail – perhaps TMI)! I also am sharing this in case it will be helpful to other customers doing chemo.

As we discussed, I’ve had Stage IV breast cancer since Oct. 2006 (metastasized to bones, ovary, & now liver), and I’ve been on chemo (this time, continuously since Nov. 2010; so the last 16 months ); I’ve been taking Taxotere intravenously since August or Sept. 2011, 3 weeks on one week off. 

Chemo’s side effects strangely shift from one odd malady to another — and candidly, are always unpleasant! 

When we first met, my feet had terrible, enormous and extremely painful blisters; deep fissures (“cracks” just doesn’t come close!); and a cut (from removing a silly bandaid!) that simply would not heal. Putting shoes on was horrible, and I could barely walk. You suggested I try JustNeem’s Neem Cure Oil. I did, and it helped tremendously with all three! I’d tried virtually every product on Whole Food’s skin care aisle, and the Neem Cure Oil was the only thing that worked — especially on the unhealing-cut (it also helped heal the deep fissures AND the blisters – though admittedly, I also found relief from the blisters by sleeping with my feet in plastic bags filled with pureed brown bananas & coconut oil… but since I couldn’t go about my day that way, I’d put the Neem Cure Oil on — and was so delighted when it brought much-needed relief!) I could not get my shoes on everyday until I put the Neem Cure Oil on — I assume it has anti-inflammatory properties because it was soothing AND healing.

My next major skin symptom was weird cuts & thick, broad painful red patches on my fingers, knuckles and the backs of my hands. Every time I bumped or touched anything the least bit sharp (as innocent as flipping a light switch, opening anything plastic, or removing a credit card from my wallet!), I got tiny cuts that as they “healed” then swelled into a bizarre raised and interiorly-flaming swath of red rage on the backs of my hands, knuckles and fingers. It felt like lava was boiling out of my skin. It lasted two weeks every time I started a new round of chemo. It was so painful I could barely move my hands & was in agony whenever my skin was touched. JustNeem’s Neem Cure Oil helped with this too, again, cooling and soothing my skin and healing the painful and weird little pressure-cuts. (Colloidal silver, just fyi, also helped once the cuts turned into the flaming swath.)

The most recent unpleasantness has been skin infections under my fingernails, as well as cracked fingertips. The chemo caused my nails to pull away from my fingers (yuck!) and because my skin is so dry and cracked on my fingertips, putting lotion on my fingers led to infections under my nails. Even though I wash my hands a LOT I guess regular lotion created an environment for nasty things to grow under my nails. (TMI, but I noticed it because my fingers smelled  … indescribably nasty … every time my hands got near my face. YUCK!) I’d tried JustNeem’s Cuticle Care Pen under my nails but the infection was too far along, and so I had to take antibiotics. After the antibiotics cleared up the (all-fingers) infection, every now and then I’d notice that awful unpleasant smell on a finger or two, which meant an infection was starting under a nail again, but didn’t want to take the antibiotics! Fortunately, I discovered that painting Neem oil under my fingernails with the little cuticle-stick-thing knocked it out every time! 

Because I needed to break the dry/cracked-skin/nail infection cycle, I asked at Whole Foods if any of the lotions have anti-infection properties and they suggested I try your Neem Lotion. It has been FABULOUS: for the first time I can relieve painfully dry and cracked skin on my fingertips and have the reassurance that doing so will not cause an infection under my nails!!! Since I started using JustNeem’s Lotion, I have not had a single nail infection!! I like all the scents, especially Green Tea & Lavender. THANK YOU!

I was excited to learn JustNeem also has Neem Soap; I am enjoying using the samples you gave me and know that washing my hands with something that contains Neem will help keep my nails infection-free too! (Like the lotion, the soap smells GREAT!)

I know these details may be unpleasant, and I apologize, but in the same breath again I THANK YOU, profusely! I am so grateful for that day I passed your JustNeem table, Jacquie! I have been surprised by the many uses of Neem, and by its consistent effectiveness.
I have tried countless other skin products for chemo’s strange skin side-effects but only the JustNeem stuff has worked every time. 

Jacquie, your passion, and compassion, bode well for your future. Your work on the Neem plant’s mosquito-repellant properties sounds very fascinating, exciting, and very rewarding. The owners of JustNeem and their personal commitment to doing things mindfully and purposefully sound amazing too, and I’m so glad to learn that the Neem is harvested in ways that have pro-social consequences for the people of Mauritania. That makes me feel really great about discovering your products!!! I wish you the best of luck in your studies and work — you clearly are one who cares about others, and I am grateful to be counted among those benefiting from your efforts!  Be ever blessed; you (and the Neem you introduced me to) are a blessing!

Peace and all good,


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