Tea Tree Oil – Benefits for Healthy Skin

What is Tea Tree Oil? Why is it such a big deal these days? I honestly didn't know these answers until I did research of my own. I chose to write on Tea Tree Oil for two reasons. It was highly recommended! Tea Tree is common vocabulary in health-conscious communities these days and I knew very little


Detox Your Hair with Clay // For “Natural Hair” Girls

Detox your hair with clay. It’s time for your hair to be clean and your curls to be poppin’ again! Make all your ‘CurlFriends’ envious of you, and your hair, with this perfect product, the Neem Clay Mask. A mask? Why the heck would you put a face mask in your hair? And to top


Green Tea – Benefits for Healthy Skin

Did you know that Green Tea is the one-hit wonder to care for a variety of health concerns? For years people all over the world have enjoyed a cup to fend off sickness and boost their immune system. Among some of its studied benefits, Green Tea has been found to be effective in maintaining a healthy weight,


Coconut Oil – Benefits for Healthy Skin

Let's go over the basics of Coconut Oil's benefits for healthy skin. What makes it so great?  Mainly, it's great for your skin because it contains Vitamin E and various saturated fats, some of which are antimicrobial. All this keeps the skin intact: elastic and healthy. And it minimizes the chance for infections.   Coconut Oil contains


Neem Oil Toothpaste for Clean, Healthy Teeth

Neem Oil Toothpaste DIY For those of you who prefer natural healthcare and creating your own products, here is an easy way to make your own Neem Oil Toothpaste. Wet toothbrush. Put (any) toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Add 2 drops of our Neem Cure Oil on top of your toothpaste on your brush. Brush away!

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Creating a Skin Care Routine in 3 Simple Steps

Creating a good skin care routine may sound intimidating. Yet, it's possible, especially if you keep it simple. The best way I've found to make any change in my life is to start off with baby steps. This gets you moving, which in turn gives you an increased sense of momentum. The basics of a good skin care routine

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Is It Safe To Use Neem Oil On Children?

Neem Oil on Children? One question keeps popping up over and over. One question concerned parents are asking almost everyday. The same question you have in mind. “Can I use Neem Oil on children?" My son, Ezekiel, who we've used Neem Cure on since his birth for various skin ailments.


Self Care Means Learning to Have Fun

Self care doesn't always come naturally to me. On days like today I wonder, "How do I find my way back to those small moments of delight?" They say it's about being mindful and grateful. But sometimes it's just hard to remember how to get there. Usually, I start by reaching for my list. You know, that long list in

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4 Tips to Overcome Dry Hands this Winter

4 Tips to Overcome Dry Hands this Winter Do you dread the Winter months? Everyone else around you is excited because they know it means snow days, hot chocolate, and cozy nights around the fireplace. You see it differently. You dread it. You know that Winter means your skin is going to be dry.


4 Ways Neem Oil Will Improve Your Skin

Neem oil and Neem leaves have been used in skin care for thousands of years. These highly treasured natural ingredients soothe itchy skin and support wound healing. Neem has helped many who struggle with skin issues and irritations.

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