JustNeem Beauty Tips

//JustNeem Beauty Tips

Caring for Your Tattoo with Neem

It’s all about expressing yourself, right? Showing your individuality through tattoo art also needs some precautions and care. It may go without saying but we’ll be happy to remind you. Do your research and make sure you go to a reputable, certified tattoo artist. Things to look for: Shave the area (if necessary) with a


Neem Soap for Face

Why use a Neem Soap for Face? Perhaps, the better question is, why not? Neem is known for its antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antihistamine and anti-microbial properties that make it excellent for a gentle, deep clean. As a bonus, our JustNeem Soaps are all glycerin-based which means it moisturizes rather than drying out your skin. Finally, Neem is natural.


Natural Healing for Dry Feet

Dry, peeling skin on your feet is the height of embarrassment!  I should know, I suffered from this malady for several years as a ballet student. Ballet is a beautiful art form but underneath the glamour are many deformed, blistered feet and missing toenails. We ruined our feet in hard-as-rock pointe shoes and bandaged and repaired


Natural Lotion 101

Natural Lotion at its best replenishes and protects your skin. As you probably know, the skin is the body’s largest organ. It has a surprising number of functions, when you stop to think about it: protecting us against the elements, against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also helps regulate the moisture level and temperature of our body.


Sunburn Relief with this Soothing, Natural JustNeem Remedy

Many of us love to stay outside for hours in the summer sun for barbeques, picnics, swimming and sprinkler play, but do you ever consider the negative effects the sun has on your skin? Ultraviolet or UV rays are one form of energy from the sun that is the catalyst for sunburns. While you bask in the sun,


What is Zika Virus & Four Tips on Navigating it

What is the Zika Virus? In light of the recent global concern, here's the lastest on the Zika Virus. We've pulled tips from the world's top health organization to help you to stay up-to-date. What's the latest? When can we expect a vaccine? What can we do to protect against the virus? I've been wondering, and perhaps you


Top 5 Most Readily Available Natural Antihistamines: Lemons, Bananas…

Natural antihistamines are more common than I realized, so that's good news! First off, if you have your Adios Outdoor Spray, apply it to the bite. Adios Outdoor Spray with Neem is a natural spray that can soothe bites, as well as help prevent them. That's right, Neem has natural antihistamines. But now, assume


Sea Lice: Here Is The Best Natural Remedy For It!

Sea Lice is everywhere. Well, at least not physically, thankfully. Anybody who has been on social media or watched the news lately has heard about the new craze called Sea Lice. Or Beach Lice. Seabather's Eruption. Pika-Pika. Ocean Itch. Those are just a few other street names for it. Although it has been around for a


Antifungal Soap: A Cleansing Treatment

"Is antifungal soap even important to use? Why not just use regular soap?" We've all had these thoughts at one point or another. But, we've never really had them answered. Until now. Once my questions about anitfungal soap were answered I made the transition to only use antifungal soap. Both for my hands, feet


Tea Tree Oil – Benefits for Healthy Skin

What is Tea Tree Oil? Why is it such a big deal these days? I honestly didn't know these answers until I did research of my own. I chose to write on Tea Tree Oil for two reasons. It was highly recommended! Tea Tree is common vocabulary in health-conscious communities these days and I knew very little


Detox Your Hair with Clay // For “Natural Hair” Girls

Detox your hair with clay. It’s time for your hair to be clean and your curls to be poppin’ again! Make all your ‘CurlFriends’ envious of you, and your hair, with this perfect product, the Neem Clay Mask. A mask? Why the heck would you put a face mask in your hair? And to top


Green Tea – Benefits for Healthy Skin

Did you know that Green Tea is the one-hit wonder to care for a variety of health concerns? For years people all over the world have enjoyed a cup to fend off sickness and boost their immune system. Among some of its studied benefits, Green Tea has been found to be effective in maintaining a healthy weight,


Coconut Oil – Benefits for Healthy Skin

Let's go over the basics of Coconut Oil's benefits for healthy skin. What makes it so great?  Mainly, it's great for your skin because it contains Vitamin E and various saturated fats, some of which are antimicrobial. All this keeps the skin intact: elastic and healthy. And it minimizes the chance for infections.   Coconut Oil contains


Neem Oil Toothpaste for Clean, Healthy Teeth

Neem Oil Toothpaste DIY For those of you who prefer natural healthcare and creating your own products, here is an easy way to make your own Neem Oil Toothpaste. Wet toothbrush. Put (any) toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Add 2 drops of our Neem Cure Oil on top of your toothpaste on your brush. Brush away!

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Creating a Skin Care Routine in 3 Simple Steps

Creating a good skin care routine may sound intimidating. Yet, it's possible, especially if you keep it simple. The best way I've found to make any change in my life is to start off with baby steps. This gets you moving, which in turn gives you an increased sense of momentum. The basics of a good skin care routine

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