Natural antihistamines are more common than I realized, so that’s good news!

First off, if you have your Adios Outdoor Spray, apply it to the bite. Adios Outdoor Spray with Neem is a natural spray that can soothe bites, as well as help prevent them. That’s right, Neem has natural antihistamines.

But now, assume you’re out to eat, and you left your Adios at home. It happens.

I wanted to find the top five natural antihistamines that you can easily get at a restaurant. With a bit of creativity, I’d say you can find most of these in restaurant kitchens.

Natural Antihistamines – Top 5 list for your skin, available while you’re out and about!

lemon natural antihistamine

1. Lemon or Lime Juice – Ask your server for a couple slices, or check at the drink station. The acidity in the juice can help treat the insect bites and stings and actually relieves the itching, too. “Apply generous amount of fresh lemon juice to the insect bite and make sure the whole area is completely covered. It may sting a little bit, but the lemon juice will help with the healing process and help fight off infection,” according to the Healthy and Natural World blog.

onion natural antihistamines

2. Potato, Onion or Garlic Slices – Steal an uncooked onion from your neighbors burger, or ask the server if they can bring you a few slices. Then, take the slice and hold it on the bite. The juice is what works here, so you may need to replace the piece as it dries. Be careful of course, if you’re allergic to raw potato, steer clear of those and try a fresh clove of garlic or a slice of onion.

banana natural antihistamines

3. Banana Peel – My favorite, since bananas are everywhere! Just take the peel and rub the inside of the peel on the bite. Who knew that bananas had natural antihistamines in them. It’s a good idea to wash the banana throughly before using the peel, because of the pesticides it’s to exposed while it grows. Unless, of course, you’ve got an organic variety.

vinegar natural antihistamines

4. Vinegar – This is often part of salad dressings, so ask your server if they have some in the kitchen. Take 1 drink spoon of any kind of vinegar, ideally apple cider vinegar, and mix it with 5 drink spoons of lukewarm water. (ask for a cup, with water and no ice!) and apply the mixture to your bite with a your napkin.

baking soda natural antihistamines

5. Baking Soda – This one might be less common in kitchens, but it’s worth a shot. Ask the server to check the fridge, since it’s often used there for eliminating odors. Baking soda has a high pH level which helps ease itching. Use one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with water into a paste. Apply this past to the bite and let it dry for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Turns out there’s a few natural antihistamines found in most kitchens that will tide you over until you get back home. That way, if you’re stuck in a scrape without your Adios Neem Spray, there’s still a way to stay sane!