Neem Oil & Age Spots

Neem Oil & Age Spots

My whole life, until about 5 years ago, strangers and friends alike doubted my age. They always assumed I was far younger than my license proclaimed. However, as I entered my 30’s I was no longer carded at the grocery store. There were no more exclamations that I look “far too young” to claim my current age. Those days apparently were long gone. Now people nod in understanding and almost sympathy that I am over 35 and heading straight-on to 40. My favorite response to my age is, “You look good for 35.” As if, when you hit your 30’s the wrinkles jump onto your skin and you begin to rapidly age at that very moment.

Since I now look my age, I want to maintain that look and not take for granted my many years of youthful radiance that is now visibly peppered with stress of motherhood and life experience. I admit I am working against a decade or more of intense sun exposure and tanning beds, when brown skin seemed very important to my superficial existence. Since turning 30, I have covered up with unbecoming sun hats and slathered on white-to-purple sunscreen in the the hopes of making up for poor choices in my 20’s. The beauty of working in skincare is that I also have the benefit of researching ways that Neem Oil can naturally reduce the signs of aging and prevent further damage to our skin. Here is what I have found to be true about the use of Neem Oil on age spots. It is pretty radical! Pun intended.

What are Age Spots?

Age spots or liver spots as some call them, are black, brown or gray flat patches or pieces of skin, generally on areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun or other ultraviolet rays (tanning beds). Specifically, they are caused by excess melanin production. They do not discriminate their victims based on age, race or gender. However, people with fair skin over the age of 40 are most likely to be hit with the discoloration. While age spots are not dangerous, they can cover up a more serious skin concern, such as cancer. So, it is always good to have a medical doctor examine a suspicious spot. If the discoloration is purely an age spot, there are several ways to reduce the abnormality.

Age Spot Treatments

You can treat age spots with over-the-counter bleaching creams. In 2006, the FDA banned the use of hydroquinone in over the counter medications because it cannot be unlinked as a possible carcinogen. There are topical creams with hydroquinone available now, but only at 2% or below. You would need a prescription to utilize a higher potency of hydroquinone.

Medicinal Care

Medical treatments for age spots are purely for aesthetic concerns as age spots are painless. However, the medical care can be dangerous and have side effects. There are about 4 options to treat age spots medically:

  1.  Laser Treatment: destroys the cells that produce the melanin.
  2. Chemical Peels: burn the outer layer of skin.
  3. Dermabrasion: sands off the outer layer of skin so new skin can grow back.
  4. Cryosurgery: freezes off the affected spot.

Natural Care

A more natural approach is to utilize the healing properties of Neem Oil. Neem Oil is rich in antioxidants that fight against free radicals (sun exposure and ultraviolet rays found in tanning beds). Free radicals can speed up the aging process, which none of us want, right?

Neem Oil is specifically chock full of Vitamin E which studies have shown to reverse sun damage and inactivate free radicals. Neem Oil acts as a protective shield for your skin. Neem moisturizes skin which promotes supple and smooth, younger-looking skin while the elastin properties prevent wrinkles. Raw Neem Oil is not safe to apply directly to your skin. So you would need to combine the raw Neem Oil with carrier oils. JustNeem’s Neem Cure Oil is a Neem Oil and Essential Oil blend ready for safe, topical use. Also, the Essential Oils mask the pungent, garlicky scent of raw Neem Oil and sustain the liquid properties at room temperature. Raw Neem Oil is in solid form at room temperature, making it difficult to apply.

For a one-two punch against the effects of aging and age spots, mix your Neem Cure Oil with your Neem Lotion and apply a couple of times a day. You can also combine the Neem Cure Oil with another moisturizer of your choice.


Age spots or liver spots as some people call them are black, brown or gray flat pieces of skin, usually on the areas most exposed to the sun. Age spots are painless and are not worrisome, but you should always consult a physician first for a proper diagnosis to rule out cancer or another serious condition.

The individual who has age spots may want to even out his/her skin tone with a medical procedure or over-the-counter cream. However, be cautious about the product or method you choose. The medical treatments available today do come with possible side effects and can be dangerous.

There are natural remedies as well. Specifically, Neem Oil has been found to even out skin tone and reduce skin discoloration, while fighting against further effects of free radical damage. The safest method for topical Neem Oil use is to combine raw Neem Oil with Essential Oils. This covers the ill smell of raw Neem Oil and maintains the Oil’s liquid form for ease of application. JustNeem offers a ready-to-use Neem Cure Oil blend.

Take care of yourself, inside and out. Let the only response to your age be wonder and awe. If you are already sporting some age spots here and there, try Neem Cure Oil a couple of times a day and watch the brown spots fade. But don’t take my word alone. Read below how one woman was pleasantly surprised and shocked that her Neem Cure Oil did more than heal her wound amidst an age spot. The age spot actually faded in color with noticeable results in 2 weeks!

Age Spots Woman
“I had a spot frozen on my face that happened to be in the middle of a very large brown spot on my face caused by the sun. This spot was pink and wasn’t healing so I used Neem Cure on it. After a few days it had healed, but then I realized it was fading the brown spot. I’ve spent a lot of money on other products trying to fade these spots. I’ve used it now for two weeks and can’t believe how light these spots are getting. I will continue to use it. One of my favorite products as it’s good for so many things.”

-Drue Anderson

Drue Anderson

About the Author:

Customer Care Manager & Operations Manager // In 2015 Amy joined the JustNeem Team in customer sales and retail accounts. She was promoted to Operations Manager in 2016. Before her time at JustNeem, Amy earned her BA and MS in Clinical Psychology. Now she combines her love of people and business to passionately share Neem's varied health benefits for all skin types while fostering growth in JustNeem's Mauritanian orchard.