Neem Soap is a hydrating cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soothed and refreshed. This plant-based glycerin soap encapsulates the powerful benefits of Neem to enhance your skin care routine. While you’re washing, you’re also soothing irritations, repairing cracked skin, and banishing blemishes.

Whether you want a one-stop solution for skin care or a solid base for your daily routine, these Neem Soaps are a must have. Using Neem Soap regularly protects and moisturizes all skin types – including sensitive and oily skin. By infusing your daily skincare routine with the antiseptic and protective benefits of Neem soap, your routine changes from just cleansing to repairing and protecting.

Choose from a variety of fantastic scents, all made with either Essential Oils or high cosmetic grade Fragrance Oils. Great gift ideas!