Neem Face and Body Moisturizing Lotion for Long Lasting Hydration

Each of these high-quality face and body moisturizing lotions are infused with the powers of Neem. By adding these Neem products to your daily skin care routine, they hydrate your skin all day long. These Neem lotions contain the special properties from the Neem-infused oils, which transport antioxidants and natural antiseptic properties deep into the layers of your skin. The skin receives a natural layer of protection against the elements, a soothing balm for irritations, emollient nutrients filled with Vitamin E and antioxidant rich fatty acids that can repair and provide you with excellent facial skin.

These all natural lotions are great for face and body care. The high quality coconut and jojoba oils soothe and strengthen the skin, being hand selected for their easy absorption and long-lasting hydration for your face and body care.

Neem’s antioxidant rich properties make it stand out as the best skincare products as they repair the skin and keep it elastic and sealed through protecting emollients. Neem’s antihistamine function adds the fabulous touch of easing the discomfort that stems from irritation and dryness. Altogether soothing,wonderful, and all natural face and body care!

We recommend that those with extra sensitive skin try out the Fragrance Free Neem Lotion first. This way you can test if Neem is effective within your skin care routine. Then you might want to try out some of the high-quality fragrances we’ve selected! Many have told us they are gentle enough for sensitive skin.