Our Team

Magda Radtke
Magda RadtkeOwner & COO
“I listen to NPR all the time or the classical station.”
“I moved here from Germany and got a degree here in the US. I never thought I would.”
“Starting and growing JustNeem. Business is not my background. I am a nurse and teacher by profession so I am constantly learning.”
Peter Radtke
Peter RadtkeChairman & CEO
“Spaghetti & Meat Balls.”
“Making a difference in this world.”
“Listening to smooth Jazz and reading a good book.”
Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffrey AndersonProduction, Marketing, & Social Media
“I love mexican and seafood. And if you can combine the two, that’s my favorite. Fish Tacos!”
“Tom Hardy. Just because he’s so manly.”
“Husband. And. Father. That’s three words, right?”

 “All of my wife’s shoes!”

Antje Smith
Antje SmithBranding & Sales
“Bono! I got to meet him briefly at this conference he spoke at. It was awesome!”
“Definitely Thai food! Well, and Vietnamese spring rolls…and Korean…”
“Natasha Bedingfield because she’s super fun and creative. She once said that happy songs are actually the hardest to write. And I love that she has so many of them.
“I’m reading The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka. I love reading about how the space around us affects us and how we can be more intentional about designing them.
Amy Sylvia
Amy SylviaCustomer Care Manager
“Oh, dear…. Will Ferrell!”
“I want to improve. And I always want to grow. So I guess the process of growth is what motivates me.”
“Oh, well you’ve heard me singing around the office, but that’s not it. It’s actually ballet. I did if for 25 years and started when I was 3.”
“He is compassionate. And he has integrity.”
Linda Sylvia
Linda SylviaFulfillment & Buyer
“My children love each other, but I probably can’t take credit for that!”
“Two shows- Survivor and The Walking Dead.”
“I like to power walk.”
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