Lotion Bottle Cap

Lotion Bottle Cap


Use this Lotion Bottle Cap to make your Neem Lotion travel ready! This disc-top bottle cap makes carrying your Neem Lotion with you easy. And when you get to the bottom of your lotion and the pump can’t get the rest, the disk-top bottle caps will come to the rescue, until you get your next bottle.

  • Fits our Lotion Bottles
  • Perfect for Travel!
  • Get Every Drop
  • (1) disc-top bottle cap
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This Lotion Bottle Cap fits on your JustNeem Lotions and makes them travel-ready! They are twist-on bottle caps with disc top that pops open. You can easily put these on your lotion in place of the regular pump top that the lotion comes with.

Some people find they like these, especially when you’ve got a lotion you want to carry around with you. Also, we’ve noticed that when you get to the bottom of your lotion and the pump can’t get the rest, this disc-top bottle caps does the trick! We want to makes sure you can get every last bit of the Neem Lotion goodness… until your next bottle arrives.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


Made out of strong, white plastic

How to Use

Unscrew and remove the pump top that comes with your Neem Lotion. Screw on your new bottle cap and flip it open. Voila, and your done!


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