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Skin Care for Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can affect skin, hair, nails, and eyes. Typically, these are fast growing tissues that are most susceptible to therapies.  Common skin reactions to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or surgery include pain and swelling, dry and itchy skin, inflammation, damage to the nails, allergies to chemicals, and rashes that may look like acne or measles.  Patients who are undergoing chemo or have finished cancer treatment have skin that can be very sensitive to harsh chemicals that are often found in regular cosmetics. If you are in need of some extra loving skin care, the following JustNeem products will be the perfect choice for you. JustNeem has developed a set of gentle skin care products that will help care for skin recovering from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

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1. Fragrance-Free Neem Soap

To prevent dry skin, use the Fragrance-Free Neem soap for your daily body care routine during and post cancer treatment. JustNeem soaps are made with glycerin.  In contrast to oil and lye-based soaps, these gentle Neem soaps will not dry out your skin. In fact, our Neem soaps are highly moisturizing and help keep the skin elastic, preventing it from breaking and getting infected. They contain no toxic chemicals. Since Neem is known to have natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties this soap is an excellent choice to support and maintain your skin naturally.

2. Fragrance-Free Neem Lotion

The Fragrance-Free Lotion is highly moisturizing, contains anti-oxidants, and Neem.  Neem naturally contains anti-histamine-like substances that will sooth your skin and result in the cessation of itching. Fragrance-Free Lotion is a long-lasting lotion that will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

3. Neem Cure Oil

Neem Cure Oil is a ready-to-use Neem Oil blend for super itchy and irritated skin. It moisturizes as well as soothes and heals cracked skin. Neem Oil shows its best qualities in this product with its antimicrobial properties. Specifically selected, pure essential oils enhance this oil blend to a maximum level treatment. Can be applied in different ways (see “Recommended Use”).  Neem Cure Oil will quickly soothe and calm your skin irritation.

4. Neem Tub-Tea

Neem Tube Tea is made with 100% naturally grown dried Neem leaves. This pure Neem product comes straight from the Neem tree without any processing. It contains highly soothing and healing properties of Neem and will address all-over your body skin itching with great results.

Recommended Use

Fragrance Free Soap:  Use twice a day for face and body while in shower or bath tub. Make sure that water is not too hot, as it would irritated your sensitive skin even more.

Fragrance Free Lotion: Use lotion after your shower or bath and after dabbing skin dry. Apply generously and allow to absorb. the Fragrance Free Neem lotion at least 2 times per day, ideally right after a shower or bath. For super sensitive or infected areas, add a few drops of Neem Cure Oil blend to your lotion application. Mix in palm of hand and apply to skin.

Neem Cure Oil: On skin and nails- Apply a drop of Neem Cure Oil directly to itchy skin, to scars, and around and under nails. Rub in and allow to absorb. Use more drops of needed.

On scalp- Add a few drops of Neem Cure Oil blend directly to your scalp. Gently massage oil into skin until absorbed. Alternatively, add few drops to shampoo before lathering into hair.

Neem Tub Tea: For the tub- Add one Neem Tub Tea bag in hot water as it fills the tub. Let steep several minutes. Add cold water to reach a lukewarm temperature. As you soak in the Neem bath, gently squeeze the tea bag to release additional Neem extract. Enjoy as Neem releases you of itching, irritated skin. As a foot bath- Steep one tea bag in feet-size tub filled with hot water for several minutes. Add cold water until desired temperature is reached. Squeeze tea bag occasionally during as you soak your feet to release additional Neem extract. Apply lotion immediately after drying off feet.

I have been literally astounded at how beneficial Neem is, which is why I write. I am sharing this in case it will be helpful to other customers doing chemo.

I’ve had Stage IV breast cancer since Oct. 2006 and I’ve been on chemo for 16 months.Chemo’s side effects strangely shift from one odd malady to another — and candidly, are always unpleasant!

My feet developed terrible, enormous and extremely painful blisters; deep fissures and a cut (from removing a silly bandaid!) that simply would not heal. Putting shoes on was horrible, and I could barely walk. I used Neem Cure Oil and it helped tremendously with all three! I’d tried virtually every product on Whole Food’s skin care aisle, and the Neem oil was the only thing that worked.

My next major skin symptom was weird cuts & thick, broad painful red patches on my fingers, knuckles and the backs of my hands. Every time I bumped or touched anything the least bit sharp, I got tiny cuts that as they “healed” then swelled into a bizarre raised and interiorly-flaming swath of red rage. It felt like lava was boiling out of my skin. It lasted two weeks every time I started a new round of chemo. JustNeem’s Neem Cure Oil helped with this too; cooling and soothing my skin and healing the painful and weird little pressure-cuts.

Then I developed infections under my fingernails, as well as cracked fingertips. The chemo caused my nails to pull away from my fingers (yuck!). Neem Oil helped me with this condition as well!

I know these details may be unpleasant, and I apologize, but in the same breath again I THANK YOU! I am so grateful for tall JustNeem products I have tried countless other skin products for chemo’s strange skin side-effects but only the JustNeem stuff has worked every time.


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