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Celebrate Women’s Equality Day With JustNeem

About Women's Equality Day August 26th is National Women's Equality Day. Through their massive, peaceful civil rights movement, the women of 1920 won the right to vote in the United States.  Since that day in 1920, Women's Equality Day has begun to hold a larger meaning for women all over the world. It celebrates a

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Justice For Africa Through Neem: JustNeem We want to share our newest video with you! It tells our story of why we do what we do. Please share it, but also READ ON and find out more. JustNeem makes wonderful natural and healthy Neem body care products that are sold all across the United States. But, why do we make products

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The Spirit Of Giving From One Child To Another

Children often show us a glimpse of the important things in life with such simplicity and grace. It is refreshing to see a child who wants to help someone or give something to someone that has less than them. This time of year we all become keenly aware of what we have and what others

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You Help make a Difference in West Africa

Cary, NC - We wanted to share this picture with you to thank you for supporting JustNeem and buying our quality products made with West African Neem. This is our latest picture from our friends in Mauritania. The well and the orchard we've built is producing food during one of the worst food crisis to

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Update: JustNeem’s Recent Visit To Mauritania, Africa

Why We Work So Hard JustNeem works with villagers in Mauritania, West Africa, to help establish economic opportunities for those living so close to the Sahara Desert. The Neem tree, is used to generate income for families simply by planting the tree and selling its leaves and fruit.

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