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Justice For Africa Through Neem: JustNeem We want to share our newest video with you! It tells our story of why we do what we do. Please share it, but also READ ON and find out more. JustNeem makes wonderful natural and healthy Neem body care products that are sold all across the United States. But, why do we make products

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What Is Fair Trade And Why Should We Care?

At JustNeem, being a Fair Trade company is who we are. Fair Trade is at the core of all JustNeem's products. But often customers and beauty buyers ask us "What actually is Fair Trade?" and "I thought Fair Trade was just for coffee." or "Why should I buy Fair Trade?" What is Fair Trade? According

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The History Of The Neem Tree

The Many Names for the Neem Tree The medicinal properties of the Neem tree have been well known in India for over 4,000 years. The healing properties of Neem are spoken about in some of the world's oldest books. The Sanskrit word for Neem was "Nimba," which means "Good Health." The Vedas called

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