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Enhance your skin care routine.
Sooth irritations, repair cracked skin, banish blemishes and restore your skin to its natural beauty.


AcNeem™ Kit

This kit is essential for those prone to acne. Consisting of cleanser, moisturizer, mask, spot treatment, and toner. Clear and protect your skin!

JustNeem Body Care Kit

Body Care Kit

Get all the essentials for your body with this kit! Consisting of Green Tea Lotion, Green Tea Body Polish, Green Tea Soap, and Neem Cure Oil. Your skin will thank you!

JustNeem Facial Care Kit

Facial Care Kit

Get all the essentials for your face with this package! Consisting of Neem Clay Mask, Neem Cure Oil, and Fragrance Free Neem Soap. This will keep your skin clean and clear.

Who Are We?

JustNeem is the #1 family-owned Neem oil company, produced from our own organically grown orchards in the deserts of Africa. Neem oil has many benefits for natural skin care. Neem soap and Neem acne treatment are just two of many different Neem all-natural skin care products we offer.

Neem is an incredible gift from nature! Neem oil provides an effective treatment option for damaged skin. Neem is an all-natural antibacterial formula skin care product that delivers amazing health benefits for the both skin and hair.

Neem’s natural skin care properties amazed us when our family began producing Neem in 2007, and we guarantee you will be amazed at what our all natural Neem oil and products can do for you.

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Our mission at JustNeem is to use business and the properties of Neem as an agent for good. We produce high-quality Neem skin care products that are designed to be effective and affordable.

Our business is dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering with skin conditions and dedicated to partnering with those desiring economic stability to Mauritania, West Africa.

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At JustNeem we believe in Honesty, Transparency, Service, Kindness, and Teamwork. Our work environment at JustNeem can be characterized by two more words: Fun and Diligence. Yes, we love having fun at JustNeem!

Jokes, laughs, and smiles fly around the facility, but in all the fun we make sure to be diligent to provide the best product and experience for you, our customer and friend!

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“I ordered the fragrance free lotion. Love this lotion! I was struggling with eczema on my legs and on my eyelids and I wanted something natural that could be used near my eyes. This lotion helped tremendously. Way better than using the expensive prescription cream that has cautions and warnings. Recommend to anyone suffering with dry skin or eczema. Soothing and love the texture of this lotion!”
“I have been diagnosed (years ago) with Rosacea and eczema. I am over 50 and REALLY did not want to have to continue to use very expensive prescriptions. I am self insured and I just don’t like prescription meds unless my life depends on them to live. After using Neem oil just for a couple of days I noticed a huge improvement and have been using it regularly for a bout a year and it totally controls my skin irritations. I mix a little of it also into a natural moisturizer I like and it works great. It cured a cold sore my husband developed, healed a burn very quickly….A wonderful product!”
“The Neem Cure is the jack of all trades! I’ve used it on ear infections when nothing else works, it even clears up allergic rashes, itchiness from mosquito bites and seems to even clear up itchy, dry skin.”