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Soothe, Repair, Hydrate, Heal your Skin with JustNeem Skin Care Products. 

Unique formulations maximize the effectiveness of every ingredient, providing dual or triple benefit.” Dr. Radtke, Founder

Dr. Oz calls Neem “The Wonder Herb for All Skin Types”

Dr Oz & Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary MD

There is one Ayurveda product for younger looking skin.  This wonder herb works for every skin type. This herb is Neem.” Dr. Oz.

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD introduced Neem as a Super Herb on the Dr. Oz Show. She discussed Neem’s restorative and multi-functional properties for the healing of skin, how it reduces skin irritations, redness, itching and inflammation.

She highlighted our JustNeem French Clay Mask  as an excellent product for maintaining healthy, youthful skin and our Pure Tub Tea as a fabulous  bath remedy to soothe itchy skin due to dermatitis, chickenpox, scabies or poison ivy.

Watch Episode – Dr. Oz Neem And Skin Care, Featuring JustNeem!

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD is the Chief Medical Officer for New Practices, Inc., a new healthcare model based on personal transformation for maximum healing and vitality. She was the Director of Wellspring Health in Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA for 10 years.  She is a neuroscientist and has participated in over twenty clinical research studies on multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Read more about Dr. Chaudhary here.

Dr. Chaudhary introduced her favorite Neem products at the Dr. Oz Show in February 2013. Read more from her about Neem on the Dr. Oz blog.

Dr. Oz asks to let you know that he does not endorse products in his shows but rather introduces facts about products.

A Gift from Nature for Your Beauty

Neem Tree surviving in the desert

The Neem Tree grows powerful protective compounds that allow it to thrive under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

JustNeem extracts these compounds to make skin care products that protect from pollutants, reverse skin damage, and give you beautiful, healthy and vibrant skin.

Neem Seed, Leaves and Bark

Our Neem is grown organically in JustNeem’s orchard in West Africa. It contains very high concentrations of active ingredients unlike Neem from other parts of the world.

JustNeem products are suitable for all skin types, especially problem skin.

In addition, with every purchase, you help a West African family to thrive.

Neem Skin Care - smooth skin
4 Ways Neem Oil Will Improve Your Skin

What Our Customers Think

“I ordered the fragrance free lotion. Love this lotion! I was struggling with eczema on my legs and on my eyelids and I wanted something natural that could be used near my eyes. This lotion helped tremendously. Way better than using the expensive prescription cream that has cautions and warnings. Recommend to anyone suffering with dry skin or eczema. Soothing and love the texture of this lotion!”
“I have been diagnosed (years ago) with Rosacea and eczema. I am over 50 and REALLY did not want to have to continue to use very expensive prescriptions. I am self insured and I just don’t like prescription meds unless my life depends on them to live. After using Neem oil just for a couple of days I noticed a huge improvement and have been using it regularly for a bout a year and it totally controls my skin irritations. I mix a little of it also into a natural moisturizer I like and it works great. It cured a cold sore my husband developed, healed a burn very quickly….A wonderful product!”
“The Neem Cure is the jack of all trades! I’ve used it on ear infections when nothing else works, it even clears up allergic rashes, itchiness from mosquito bites and seems to even clear up itchy, dry skin.”

Who Are We?

JustNeem, LLC is a cosmeceutical company based in Cary, NC, USA specializing in natural, premium, enriched Neem products for body and skin care.

All our products are made with the finest cosmetic grade raw materials and contain naturally grown Neem and other pure ingredients that help sustain healthy skin and soothe irritation.

Our West African Neem has one of the highest concentrations of active ingredients (Azadirachta Indica). Neem Tree & community

To us Neem is like “… the tree of life producing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month of the year. Its leaves are for the healing of the nations…” (ancient literature).

We are dedicated to making a difference for people suffering from skin conditions and dedicated to partnering with those desiring economic stability in West Africa.

 Our products are sustainably sourced. From our profit we support communities in West Africa and plant Neem trees in the Desert.