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  • Acne Treatment & Neem Oil

    Before and After

    Acne Treatment and Neem Oil

    If you have acne, you’d probably love to clear up your skin with a natural treatment. We all would! A natural, skin-soothing treatment that clears my face? We’d be all over that, right? That’s why we love Neem oil. In this blog we’ll explore what causes acne. Then we’ll look at conventional treatments for acne, […]

  • The Science of Neem

    Closeup of Neem Seeds & Leaves

    What is Neem? The Science of Natural Skin Care

      The History of Natural Remedies Nature is a treasure chest full of unique and surprising solutions for many ailments we humans encounter. In fact, many plants are the source of some of the most powerful medical treatments modern medicine has at its disposal today! To just name a few, Salicylic Acid, a molecule present […]

  • The JustNeem Story

  • At Home Facial with the Neem Clay Mask