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  • Neem Cure Oil and Neem Cure Oil XL

    Neem Oil is a Natural Remedy for Minor Burns

    Neem Oil is a natural remedy for minor burns. It reduces pain, facilitates wound healing, and minimizes scar development. By Dr. Peter Radtke: It’s turkey time! Roast the bird but not your hands!  My family and I are new additions to this amazing country. So, when we arrived at the shores of LAX we had a few things […]

  • The Desert Miracle

    Desert Neem Comparison

    Why Desert Neem Oil is Better: The Sahara Miracle

    Sub Saharan Neem is exceptionally potent. Its Azadirachtin concentration is among the highest in the world.

  • The JustNeem Story

  • At Home Facial with the Neem Clay Mask