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  • Dr. Oz and JustNeem

    Dr. Oz neem & JustNeem

    Dr. Oz Neem And Skin Care, Featuring JustNeem Products!

    We are thrilled to see Neem come out of its medical hiding and be discussed with a national audience. Neem’s potent medicinal properties hold so many benefits for skin care! Early last year Dr. Oz declared Neem the “Herb of the Month” and discussed Neem with its soothing benefits in The Dr. Oz Show. Watch the show and learn how to discover […]

  • Why Use Neem Cure Oil?

    Neem Oil

    4 Ways Neem Oil Will Improve Your Skin

    Neem Oil and Neem leaves have been used in skin care for thousands of years. It is a highly treasured oil in India and is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine for many skin issues. We are now seeing Neem Oil rise in popularity across Europe and more recently, in the United States.

  • The JustNeem Story

  • At Home Facial with the Neem Clay Mask